Mexico City, July 30, 2022.- The HO Speed ​​Racing team is preparing hard to run the closing of the first half of the NASCAR Mexico Series Gran Premio Nus-Káh Ciudad Maderas season in Potosí.

The race is agreed to 200 laps or 100 minutes maximum, where we will live all kinds of emotions, thanks to all the adrenaline that will be in the ½ mile of the Potosi track.

After a complicated race in Puebla, due to a contact, the driver Manolín Gutiérrez of the Monster Energy-Grupo Gume-3M car #11 is happy to arrive in San Luis Potosí, "we are going for the sixth date of the championship and we are still We have the opportunity to position ourselves within the top 5. It has been a somewhat difficult season, since we have had several crashes that have caused mechanical failures and that have made us lag behind positions, however, I do not lose hope of getting on the podium in this season. We are going to continue giving everything and show the claw of car 11”, declared the pilot of the stellar category.

Within the Challenge category there are 3 young people with a lot of enthusiasm and professionalism, prepared each race to get on the podium.

Juan Ma González, driver of car #45 Monster Energy- Ilux- 3M, is looking for his second podium of the season, “I am very happy to return to San Luis Potosí, it is a track that is very good for the team and that I personally enjoy. much. I feel that this second part of the championship is good for us because they are tracks that I like and where I perform very well. I feel very motivated after the result of the last race, we come with a good moment and we must take advantage of it. We are going to work very hard from the practices to be able to get the car that we need from qualifying and close with a flourish, that is to say, we will take the first frame of the year and continue adding points to be able to finalize the year as we want. I am very grateful for all the work of the mechanics and I am sure that if we put together all the clues of the puzzle we will be able to achieve the results we deserve this season”, said Juan Ma

Her teammate, Regina Sirvent from Kotex- Quaker State- Water People- Anáhuac Elite car #01, is willing to continue showing that women have courage and discipline to achieve the goals they set for themselves and shares with us, “We come from Puebla, where we had a very constant rhythm with good speed, we showed that I am just as competitive as my opponents, so we go with a new mentality. I am very excited to go to San Luis Potosí, it is a track that I appreciate very much because for many years when I raced in Trucks, it was my local track and that was also my first test with a v8 engine. It is an oval in which the most important thing is the driver, where engine differences are not going to matter, the strategy is to find a good configuration of the car and take care of ourselves because being a small oval there are more crashes”.

Giancarlo Vecchi of the Restonic car #75, is eager to compete in San Luis Potosí, “We want to go for revenge to the Potosí oval where we have seen that NASCAR races get very good. It is a small track where the cars begin to get very close and that will make the times very close. Many things will depend on the race, we are going to work hard with the team to have a good car from the beginning and be able to go out and fight what was denied us in Puebla”, concluded Vecchi.

Don't miss the next NASCAR Mexico Series race at the San Luis Potosí racetrack on August 6 and 7 and support drivers Manolín Gutiérrez, Juan Ma González, Giancarlo Vecchi and Regina Sirvent of the HO Speed ​​Racing team.

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