Checo Pérez is the Driver of the Day at the British Grand Prix: "I didn't give up, I went to last place but I recovered from there"

The Mexican Sergio Pérez got a second place with the taste of victory at the British Grand Prix, Well, he fell to 17th position during the race, and at the end of it he was even able to fight for the victory against Carlos Sainz, from Ferrari, which earned him being chosen as the Driver of the Day. With the race in An early stage (lap six), the cars of Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclerc touched and the Red Bull driver's wing was damaged, who had to go to the pits for repairs and fell to 17th position.

 The possibility of being on the podium seemed remote for Checo who had started fourth and was now at the bottom; however, thanks to that fighting spirit and a dose of luck, he managed to recover and even threatened to take the win from Sainz. “It was a great comeback, we had the opportunity at the end, great battles with Charles, with Lewis, and in the Last few laps we were able to get second… They damaged my front wing and I went to last place but I recovered from there.
 “We don't give up, we keep pushing. They were epic final laps, a great fight between us”, declared Sergio Pérez excited after his great performance.

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