The Racing Bike left the table set for today at the AHR for the GP 400


 In a spectacular qualifying day, the Initiation Cup, which had its debut at Racing Bike Mexico, was the one that took the spotlight with the participation of 37 runners who left their souls on the track.

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 Screaming will be the third date of the best motorcycling series in our country, the Racing Bike Mexico, which will take place at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez, and which yesterday concluded its qualification day in a spectacular way, where he left the table set to live a day full of adrenaline this Sunday in the building of La Magdalena Mixhuca, where the best motorcycling drivers at the national level, and from some parts of Latin America, will meet.

 In the stellar category the positions were fiercely disputed, remaining on the starting grid as follows: 1.- Daniel Carrera, #3, 2.- Aldo Rovirosa, #8, 3.- Víctor Pérez de León, # 61, averaging the times so they start tomorrow due to the accident that occurred.


 The Italika Woman, a very close category among the participants, carried out her race for reasons of time, and the results were as follows: Sara Lizeth Varón, from Colombia, took first place, followed by Karen Tatiana Reyes, Colombia; and Sara Elena Delgado, from Mexico, took third place.

 In the Open Superbike category, in which no one gave a millimeter to the rival and the overtaking occurred in clusters, Abraham García, from Mexico, having a formidable performance, set the best time; Rigoberto Salazar, from Colombia, did not shrink and was second, and the Spanish Jorge Pérez, who also put up a great fight, was third.

 In the Master F40 the steel horses took flight displaying high speeds on the track and left a pleasant taste, despite the hard battle they waged, the Mexican Víctor Iturbe took pole with great effort; Cristian Sánchez, also Mexican, made him second and came second, and Máxime Girot, from France, had to confirm with the third.

 In the Super Xtreme category, which was extremely exciting and hotly contested, 28 steel horses participated, fighting every inch of the track with everything. Cristopher Ortiz came out on top, followed by Leonardo Cruz, and Alexis Sierra closed the trilogy. all of Mexican nationality.

 On the first date of the Initiation Cup there was also a tremendous grip among the 37 riders who qualified, having a spectacular debut in Racing Bike Mexico and it was Luis Valentín, first, Fernando González, second and Édgar Guerrero third.

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