A great party was the GP 400, presented by Universal, of Racing bike Mexico, at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez


Impressive full on date 3 of the national series and the second round of the Italika Women International Cup, where emotions were at their maximum in each of the categories that ran in that majestic venue that hosted the GP Revista 400.

 The Jr category gave surprises due to the victory of Colombian Niko Russe in his first race in Mexico, the second place went to Emiliano Zamudio, in a good duel and Joshua Latapie finished third to continue leading the championship.

 In the Italika Women International Cup, the fans witnessed another victory for the championship leader, the Colombian Sara Varón, who has four out of four, and Karen Reyes was second, also Colombian, so that the third place went to the Argentine Luciana Burkle , who stands on the podium for the first time.

 The Super Sports NG was up to the task as the main category, only 13 of 15 laps were played due to an incident, but the fans who were able to enjoy, and see the triumph of the Colombian Alfonso Linares, climbed to the top of the podium, the Mexican Daniel Carrera was second and Rigo Salazar, also Colombian, completed the trilogy. In SS2 the winner was: Cristian Posada, César Alonso came second, and Roberto Bolaños reached third place, for his La Marmota Racing Team.

 The Open Super Bike category gave away emotions to the full, winning, and repeating triumph Abraham García, David Sánchez Jr. second and the Spanish Jorge Pérez, third.

 Víctor Iturbe was first, David Sánchez Sr. second, and Darío Carrillo third in his return to the Master 40, being a very effusive podium, which the public liked a lot.

 In the SuperXtreme the winner was Leonardo Cruz, second for Alexis Sierra and third for Gael Arreola, with 28 participants in this memorable event.

 The Initiation Cup was a success, 38 motorcycles started and the winner was Fernando González, Osvaldo Cirigo finished second, third place went to Gustavo Alonso.

 There were 6 categories and more than 180 riders who competed in the 3rd of the 2022 season of Racing Bike Mexico, which was shown to be the best in history.

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